Oct 1, 2008

Stand by your man

"Stand by your man.... And show the world you love him..."
When you aren't showing the world you love him and its just the two of you at home do you still have to "stand by your man" or do you tell him how you really feel about the way he acted that day?
(For the record I love my S.O. (significant other, fiance actually) I love him more than I think I realise sometimes he is the kind of guy that everyone tells you will make a great husband and dad and the kind of guy that makes all your friends go home and say to their guys why cant you be more like so n' so.
That being said and stated for the record I feel like I can move on.)
So that brings us back to my question do we just stand by our men our women which ever the case may be or do we tell them even if its in front of others that we think that they are wrong?
A small situation yesterday brought me to this question, my SO and I were leaving a restaurant when he discovered that there were tomatoes on his sandwich which of course caused him the beautiful hot head that he is to lose it. And he begins to insist that we return so that he can tell the people inside just how stupid they really are. However this time I was too hungry and too tired to lie and I told him the truth that he never asked for no tomatoes, now I say this time because this has happened to us a few times and normally we are in a drive through and someone is standing there and I don't want to interrupt his colorful dialogue with the guy at the window to tell him that he is wrong. ( most of the time he is right but not always) For some reason it just seems wrong to tell him in front of someone that they are right and he is wrong. So I don't, but on this particular occasion far away from strangers ears and already back in traffic I told him the truth and I must say it was liberating I didn't have to pretend all the way home that those people are incompetent and agree with him because he was sure he told them.
Now, my SO is a busy guy and just like everyone else he makes mistakes but when other people are watching and he just knows that he is right that seems to be the time when I hear that song and afterwords when its just the two of us it seems silly to even bring it up, I mean why make him feel bad about something he cant do anything about now.
"Stand by your man... And show the world you love him" thank you very much Tammy Wynette


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