Aug 31, 2009

Where does the time go?

Aug 13, 2009

What is it...

What is it... What is it about you that makes my heart flutter, my blood hot. What is it?

Aug 10, 2009

Quote for the Day

"Burn on Man fire Burn on."

Aug 2, 2009

Do you find that is easier to forgive others, than it is to forgive yourself?

Jul 29, 2009


I have found that more and more I am driven by my emotions.
I am driven by the need to stuff them down inside of me. I feel like I spend my days choking on overwhelming feelings trying to force their way out.

Jul 22, 2009


It is that time once again loves, time to introduce a new character, in the story that is my life.
He is fire (Boy Fire to be exact) and he is a flame to which I am undeniably drawn.
He isn't really my type, I barely find him physically attractive, but here I am still thinking about him days after our last encounter. I hear the words that he speaks to me over and over again in my head, and his scent is for ever blazed into my memory. I have been attracted to many but truly drawn to few, but it has always made sense before. There was always a reason, not the least of which was pure physical attraction, but not this time to be perfectly honest this isn't the guy that would normally inspire dirty thoughts, or even a second thought if I walked passed him on the street.
So why..., why him, why is it him that slips into my dreams at night?
I am utterly confused.
I can not explain it.
I have no idea why he has become my Boy Fire.
But what I do know is that Fire burns.

Jul 20, 2009

How would you finish this sentence?

I am.....

Today (or at least right now) I would have to say
I am sleepy, I am confused, I am sad (for no reason in particular) I am annoyed, and I am ready for something new.

What about you?

Lots of Love

Jul 19, 2009

Quote for the Day

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

Jul 16, 2009

So for those of you still following along at home, I found out during my hiatus that Quicksilver is pregnant. I don't know how far a long or anything like that since it wasn't even her that I heard the news from. As always my first instinct was to call her and see how things were going hoping that she would tell me she was sorry for the way things had been but she had huge news and was excited to share it with me, but I decided against it. I think this time I will wait for her, if she wants she can call me, I am so over being the one that works at this.
I am a little sad though, I always thought that when we got to the part in our lives that we were ready (as ready as you can be) for such things, that it would be something that we shared with each other. Doing all the fun and exciting things that women do with each other when one of them is expecting. I guess that isn't going to be our reality.
Such is life.

Lots of Love

Jul 13, 2009

Can you really ever have too much of a good thing?

Jul 9, 2009

Letters to My S.O.

Dear S.O.,
I love you, but sometimes you irritate me so much I just want to jab my finger right into you eye.

Lots of Love

Jul 8, 2009

Well thanks for asking,

Since last I wrote a lot has happened, but I don't want to spend all my time talking about the past so I will give you the short list. Be sure that details will come as they are needed.
So with out further ado here they are...

The Top 10 things that happened while I was gone. (and as always in no particular order)

1. I found out that Quicksilver is pregnant
2. I made new friends
3. Lots of famous people died (although that's not really about me)
4. I acquired a new out look
5. I started dreaming about someone new
6. I let go of the Grinch (for good this time I think)
7. I finally got to quit my old job and start a new one
8. I lost some weight
9. I remembered the old me... the good and the bad
10. I freakin missed this place like crazy

Lots of Love

Jul 7, 2009

Quick Note

As I am scrambling to catch up on all I have missed these last few months I have noticed that a lot of my favorite bloggers have also spent the last few months on some sort of hiatus I hope that like me they will be returning soon.

Lots of Love

I'm Back Loves

Well loves I am back!!! And I must say that I have really missed you. Lots has happened since last I Purged some of it interesting some not so much. I feel like I have a million things to get out of my system and a million blogs to catch up on so stay tuned, and know that even though I have been away for so very long I haven't stopped thinking about you.

Lots of Love

Feb 10, 2009

I'm here!

I know its been such a long time since I have been around but that doesn't mean that I have for gotten about you. Life has gotten a little crazy, and that includes a few hits from mother nature but things are good now and I will be back on track soon, just hang with me a little longer and my daily Purge will be back soon.
Lots of love

Jan 29, 2009


Due to mother nature I will be away for a few more days.
Lots of love to you all
Stay Warm!

Jan 23, 2009

A few days ago I got tagged by The Loss Adjuster and Cecilia

Well loves here they are 10 honest and honestly random things about me, and as always they are in no particular order.
1. There is an Ex that I haven't gotten to yet, and you know the type its the BIG EX the one that would have taken your life down one road but you choose to go down the other. For better or worse you took the road less traveled. 2. I have a strange overwhelming fear of all kinds of things, some reasonable some not. 3. I have an unhealthy obsession with abc soaps. 4. My relationship with my family is so broken I don't know if it can ever be fixed. 5. I think that every stable person should trip at least once in their life, I think it would change the way we look at the world. (but that's just my opinion so don't go out and do it and have a bad trip and blame it on me). 6. I could sit and stare out the window all day thinking about nothing. 8. I think that people swear to much, I do it from time to time but only when the situation really call for it, other than that I am swear word free. 9. I spend so much of my time pretending to be happy that some times I cant tell if I'm genuinely or just that good at pretending. 10. I think I might be a hypochondriac. (which in and of itself probably makes me one).

I will be tagging
1. Shadowrock
2. Melange
3. Leigh

Jan 19, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten

Hey there loves,
I know that I have been tagged not once but twice (I must be loved) in the Random Things game but, I am a little busy these next few days and I don't just want to rush through them, I want them to be awesomely random so, stay tuned they will be coming later on this week.
Have a Great MLK day and take a little time today love your fellow man.
And as for tomorrow I am already doing my happy dance!!!!!

Jan 15, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

Oh My Freaking Gosh is that what I think it is.... (a very loud very long inner scream follows, inner because the last thing I want to do right now is draw attention to myself) yup I think it is, its a hair. A hair? But that cant be hairs don't grow there... no... no... NO..NO..NO.. maybe it was a shadow... look again, (looking again only this time squinting in hopes that, that helps what I saw not actually be there) Nope its really there. Its official.
What I don't understand is how can this be, I'm only in my twenties, nobody told me this could happen to you in your twenties. In all the books that I have read about being a fabulous girl in your twenties not one pointed out the fact that one day I would be looking in a mirror a see a hair in an a place that for twenty-some old years has been hair free. This is just too much.
I think I may go back to bed....

Jan 13, 2009

Hey there loves,

its been a while much to long if you ask me, and well... I'm in charge here so I am. I feel super stressed as I'm sure many others are right now. I really feel like I'm walking a tight rope and the wind is starting to blow. But just as songs like "Stop the world and let me off" are going through my head, I come to Purge and find that I have been given an award.


So the super awesome super honest Needsleepy over at I Barely Survived Yesterday, has bestowed upon me, drum roll please dam da da dummm........

The Pink Lemonade Award!

It goes to your favorite bloggers and in turn they give it to there favs, so thanks Needsleepy!

I would be happy to pass this award on to the following to bloggers, and of course as always in no particular order.

1. Roxie

2. Emaura15

3. Good Girl Gone Blog

4. Michael

5. Ellabee

Lots of love to all.....

Jan 9, 2009

Busy Busy

I have been so busy lately I have hardly had time to think but things will be back to normal very soon, and I will be back on track!

Jan 5, 2009

What is it that you want out of he year ahead?


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