Nov 29, 2008

Quote for the Day

"Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible."

Nov 26, 2008

For those of you who like me, love to shop till you drop and and find sheer orgasmic pleasure in finding a great deal. Here are a few sites to tickle your Black Friday fancy.
1. TGI Black Friday
2. Slick Deals
3. Black Friday Info
4. Deal Catcher

Happy Hunting Loves!

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all those who partake and Happy Thursday to those who don't. Here are a few things that I am thankful for this year. And as always they are in no particular order.

1. Anyone who reads this blog, its nice to know that there are people out there whom I'll never meet that are interested still in what I have to say

2. Booze, its a little thing that helps get us thorough the holidays

3. Happy people, I like to see people happy it gives me hope that not everyone's life is as crazy as mine, it also makes being out in the crowds a lot more fun when you are waiting in line with happy people and not angry jerks, who don't think the line is ever moving fast enough

4. Snow, I love the stuff its clean and beautiful and and makes the air crisp I love that

5. My S.O. even though he drives me crazy and all, I love him and I wouldn't ever trade him in for a shiny new model

6. Sunny days, this time of year they are few and far between, but I live for them

7. Google I love it and we should all be thankful for Google

8. Books I love to read and although they are making it easier and cheaper to get your books in forms other than a actual book, that's a no go for me I love to read from a good old fashion book

9. Sales, my life would be so much harder if there were no sales

10. My health, because... I don't have insurance

Nov 24, 2008

What are the things that make you, you?

Nov 21, 2008

So here is the second installment of a few random things, the point once again is for you my awesome readers to get inside my head a little and have a better perspective about why I write and do the things I do. And as always they are in no particular order.

1. I get very nervous when people ask me personal questions
2. I am trying really hard to find a new job but its not working out for me, I don't really know why I have a great work record, its really making me bummed
3. I wash my hands like 10 or more times a day (the world is a dirty place)
4. I am very interested in the world around me
5. I love to argue a point, any point really
6. I love to drink, and I must say I am very good at it
7. Sometimes I wish that everything was different
8. I cry a lot at movies but hardly ever any other time I don't know why that is
9. I love sweets
10. I wonder if you can ever really go home again
Well I guess that's all for now...

Nov 19, 2008

Sniff... Sniff...

I'm so sad I don't really know why I think its just this time of year I find it incredibly depressing, I feel like I just don't want to get out of bed. I feel tired ugh so tired. Maybe I need one of those artificial sunlight lamp things.

Nov 17, 2008

Its good to be home

Hello Loves, I'm home and its nice to be back even though I was only gone a few days. I must say I truly missed the blogosphere I love to read about all of your lives and I love to rant all about mine. I still have lots of unpacking to do because I am a compulsive over packer, but that's fine with me I like to feel like I'm not forgetting anything. There is nothing worse than sitting on a flight and wondering if you remembered to pack your panties. Although I hate to pack I think that unpacking is worse than packing because its all the work but none of the fun at the end.
Well all I must bid you a fine fare well, for there is lots still left to do
but I missed you all and had to say Its good to be home...

Nov 13, 2008

Hello... Goodbye...

Hello loves I will be away for a few days but rest assured I will be thinking of you and I'm sure that I will have very interesting stories to share.
Well I'm off to pack lots of love,
xoxo Oleander

Nov 12, 2008

Quote for the Day

"Beware of a weak man for he will do anything to obtain even the slightest bit of power."

Nov 11, 2008

Its cold and rainy

Its cold out and rainy and I hate this time of year, its the time of year where everyone pretends to be happy or at least happier than they really are. And you have to spend time with people that you normally don't see all year but now you have to go and see them and pretend that you are having a great time. The only honest thing that is happening, is going on in the cars on the way to their dreaded destinations, where people are coming up with code words to get the heck out of dodge with the shit starts to hit the fan, after all the eggnog is gone and people are starting to get a little more honest with each other. For me that never seems to happen I only get to hear about it from friends when we are all retelling our horror stories over drinks lucky bastards. The places I go are much more reserved refined and xanax filled, with lots of hugs and kisses and secret dirty looks. They would never dream of fighting openly but you better believe that they hate each other just as much, but fighting out in the open is undignified and they just cant have that.
I don't know why I'm so cynical today maybe its the weather, maybe... I don't know. Here's hopping that someone out there is in a better mood than me.

Nov 8, 2008

How many people are truly happy, contented with their lives and just... happy?

Nov 6, 2008

So for those of you who are following along at home you know that I have a or maybe I should say had a best friend that is now know as Quicksilver. Well after thinking it over and even after I had decided that I was no longer going to be in a one sided friendship with this person I called them anyway, I don't know why I guess that I am a romantic at heart and I think that friendships are some of the great loves of your life or maybe its just that I am a glutton for punishment and I wanted to feel crappy since I had been in such a good mood lately, anyway I called and true to form Quicksilver let me down. We used to be able to talk for hours about anything, and nothing at all and this time it seemed as if we had nothing to say to each other. I asked how things were and I got the short answer. I felt so I out touch. And that makes me sad because there isn't a real reason as to why we aren't what we used to be, there was no fight or rumor or anything just one day she was gone... here but gone. So, back to the call.. I call when I know I shouldn't but I do because that's who I am and we talk after weeks of not talking, about nothing really and for not very long she never asked about me or my life and seemed to have very little interest in the lives of our other friends, who by the way have all written her off and why cant I ... why cant I do the same? Why do I have this need to fix everything that's broken? Well today I tell myself no more and we will see how that goes but as of right now I am done, done,done,done.

Nov 5, 2008

Yes We Did

It is with great honor and a humble heart that I am proud to say that we as a nation in overwhelming numbers 62,754,669 voters so far (final numbers still aren't in) 349 electoral votes when only 270 are needed. Have elected Senator Barack Obama our 44th President. It is, in my opinion a testament to President elect Obama's character and campaign that so many different kinds of people have chosen him to be our leader. It is a sign of things to come when you see the reaction shots from around the country and from around the world when you see people with tears of joy and smiling faces instead of anger and hate and burned effigies. May this dawning of a new era be the balm that heals the wounds of our world.

Nov 4, 2008


With so many rumors flying around I thought that I would do my part and post a few facts
1. NO NO NO There is not a new law that says Republicans vote today and Democrats vote tomorrow.
2. You will not be arrested if you show up to vote and you have an outstanding warrant or lots of parking tickets.
3. It is true that in some states, like Nebraska, Virginia, and New York, wearing campaign gear is not allowed at the polls. But no matter what, your vote cannot be taken away from you. At most, you will have to take off a button or put a jacket over a T-shirt. You will still be allowed to vote. I say DONT RISK IT wear your shirt later when you have your I voted sticker.
4. There are some rumors that immigration officers will be checking citizenship at the polls. While you must of course be a U.S. citizen in order to vote, immigration officers and law enforcement officers cannot and do not check immigration status of voters at the polls. If you’re lawfully registered to vote in your precinct, no one should be challenging your vote
5. Even if your state requires an ID and your forget to bring one, you are still entitled to vote. Ask to cast a provisional ballot.
6. If you are a first-time voter who registered to vote by mail, you should bring a form of ID with you to the polls.
7. YOU CANNOT VOTE BY PHONE no matter what the person on the other line tells you its not true I repeat it is NOT TRUE.
8. If you have outstanding parking tickets or other traffic violations, outstanding utility bills, are behind on your mortgage, or other outstanding county fines, you still have the right to vote. You do not have to pay any of the above tickets, bills, or fines in order to vote.
9. The fact that your house has been or is being foreclosed does not affect your right to vote, particularly if you are registered to vote at that address and you still live there. Even if you have been forced to move somewhere else, most states give you a grace period in which you can vote at your old precinct.
10. There are number you can call if you have a problem each state is different but here is a number 1-877-874-6226 that is national they can tell you where to vote and answer any questions that you have, I got it from the Obama website, that doesn't meant that they wont help you if you are not a supporter. CNN also has a voter hot-line where they will pass on any information from voters who have problems that number is 1-877-GOCNN08 or 1-877-462-6608 they will transfer you to your state or local election board.
So with all that said ...

Nov 3, 2008

Quote for the Day

"Things don't become great by accident, they grow great on purpose."


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