Nov 5, 2008

Yes We Did

It is with great honor and a humble heart that I am proud to say that we as a nation in overwhelming numbers 62,754,669 voters so far (final numbers still aren't in) 349 electoral votes when only 270 are needed. Have elected Senator Barack Obama our 44th President. It is, in my opinion a testament to President elect Obama's character and campaign that so many different kinds of people have chosen him to be our leader. It is a sign of things to come when you see the reaction shots from around the country and from around the world when you see people with tears of joy and smiling faces instead of anger and hate and burned effigies. May this dawning of a new era be the balm that heals the wounds of our world.


  1. Holly said...
    AGREED! :) Maegan said...
    It was so amazing. just, well, amazing :)

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