Nov 11, 2008

Its cold and rainy

Its cold out and rainy and I hate this time of year, its the time of year where everyone pretends to be happy or at least happier than they really are. And you have to spend time with people that you normally don't see all year but now you have to go and see them and pretend that you are having a great time. The only honest thing that is happening, is going on in the cars on the way to their dreaded destinations, where people are coming up with code words to get the heck out of dodge with the shit starts to hit the fan, after all the eggnog is gone and people are starting to get a little more honest with each other. For me that never seems to happen I only get to hear about it from friends when we are all retelling our horror stories over drinks lucky bastards. The places I go are much more reserved refined and xanax filled, with lots of hugs and kisses and secret dirty looks. They would never dream of fighting openly but you better believe that they hate each other just as much, but fighting out in the open is undignified and they just cant have that.
I don't know why I'm so cynical today maybe its the weather, maybe... I don't know. Here's hopping that someone out there is in a better mood than me.

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  1. Shorty said...
    Looks like I've got ya beat today. I'm in a great mood and am enjoying the rain and cooler temps that we've been getting since yesterday. I love being home listening to the thunder and seeing the lightning! Granted, I wouldn't want it to last for weeks on end or anything, but in Texas Spring and Fall are full of storms. I love them!

    Best of luck getting out of your funk. I've got days like that too, but I can't say they're weather related.

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