Nov 4, 2008


With so many rumors flying around I thought that I would do my part and post a few facts
1. NO NO NO There is not a new law that says Republicans vote today and Democrats vote tomorrow.
2. You will not be arrested if you show up to vote and you have an outstanding warrant or lots of parking tickets.
3. It is true that in some states, like Nebraska, Virginia, and New York, wearing campaign gear is not allowed at the polls. But no matter what, your vote cannot be taken away from you. At most, you will have to take off a button or put a jacket over a T-shirt. You will still be allowed to vote. I say DONT RISK IT wear your shirt later when you have your I voted sticker.
4. There are some rumors that immigration officers will be checking citizenship at the polls. While you must of course be a U.S. citizen in order to vote, immigration officers and law enforcement officers cannot and do not check immigration status of voters at the polls. If you’re lawfully registered to vote in your precinct, no one should be challenging your vote
5. Even if your state requires an ID and your forget to bring one, you are still entitled to vote. Ask to cast a provisional ballot.
6. If you are a first-time voter who registered to vote by mail, you should bring a form of ID with you to the polls.
7. YOU CANNOT VOTE BY PHONE no matter what the person on the other line tells you its not true I repeat it is NOT TRUE.
8. If you have outstanding parking tickets or other traffic violations, outstanding utility bills, are behind on your mortgage, or other outstanding county fines, you still have the right to vote. You do not have to pay any of the above tickets, bills, or fines in order to vote.
9. The fact that your house has been or is being foreclosed does not affect your right to vote, particularly if you are registered to vote at that address and you still live there. Even if you have been forced to move somewhere else, most states give you a grace period in which you can vote at your old precinct.
10. There are number you can call if you have a problem each state is different but here is a number 1-877-874-6226 that is national they can tell you where to vote and answer any questions that you have, I got it from the Obama website, that doesn't meant that they wont help you if you are not a supporter. CNN also has a voter hot-line where they will pass on any information from voters who have problems that number is 1-877-GOCNN08 or 1-877-462-6608 they will transfer you to your state or local election board.
So with all that said ...


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