Oct 10, 2008

I was thinking last night as I tried to fall asleep that maybe I should share a few random facts about me with those of you out there in the blogospehere. So here they are and as always in no particular order.
1: My thoughts never go from point a to point b, which tends to confuse and sometimes anger and annoy those around me
2: When I was little I talked really fast I still sometimes do
3: Dirty things make me itch even if they are just on tv
4: I wish I were tall
5: I am the worst speller ever
6: I like being hit on it gives me a little boost
7: I wish I were more of a risk taker
8: I tend to say yes more than I should
9: I have an irrational fear that people are talking about me
10: I sometimes cry myself to sleep
That's all for now...


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