Oct 8, 2008

Who was it I wonder that decided that the best revenge is living well? I mean do any of us really and truly believe that. Is it really enough for us to just live well or is it that the best revenge is living better than the other person? Who among us hasn't wanted to make sure that they looked their best when they know that they are going to see the one that broke their heart or the one that got away. And I my friends am no exception to the rule.
Once upon a time in a life now far far away there was a boy who broke my heart, from here on out he will be known as the Grinch because, well to me that's what he is.
This all comes up because there is a very big chance that I will be running into the Grinch at a party this weekend. Although I haven't seen him in a very long time and don't really think about him during the day for some reason he is often in my dreams most of the time the dreams are pg and there isn't much to them but he is there and that bothers me for so many reasons and none at all really. I would like to be able to say that I'm not stressed at all about the potential sighting of the Grinch but that would be a lie. The thought of it has taken on a life of its own and is slowly driving me crazy. Mostly because I am worried that he will spot me and I will not be on my game. I want to be the one that sees him coming I want to be the one that catches him of guard, and I want to be smoking hot when I do it. Is that to much to ask?


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