Sep 15, 2008

Who am I...

Who am I... I often wonder if anyone can truly answer that question honestly, even when they are the only ones who will hear the answer. Is it just that the question is to complex to answer, or is it that we don't truly know ourselves or in the end is it that we spend so much time being so many things to so many different people that we never really get the chance to know the answer. I myself have played many roles and worn many hats. I have been a daughter but never a mother, a friend and often an accomplice, a fiance but never a wife, a lover and a secret. A savior and a downfall. Some have said I wear my heart on my sleeve while others have said I must not have one. I have been known to give in to soon but also to fight to hard. I pretend to live my life like an open book yet if people would pay closer attention they would realize they know nothing about me at all. I have been called the greatest thing to happen to some and the worse to others. I take to little time to forgive and to much to forget. And someone once told me that I was like a tornado you never really see it coming until it hits you and even though you know it will leave chaos and destruction when it leaves, every thing seems alright when your in the eye of the storm.
In the end I feel my question will never really be answered, maybe because I feel like if it is I will be stuck, I will have to be me. No longer playing roles or wearing hats, just being the me that I have decided was the real and true me. Or maybe because I don't really want to know, maybe the fun is in the exploration of the unknown.


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