Sep 17, 2008

When do you feel all grown up?

So I was wondering today when do you feel all grown up? Is it something that you just wake up an feel one day? Or does the feeling come once you have children? Do you just go from feeling young and invincible one day to old and and regretful the next? I have gone from my teens to my early twenties to my mid twenties with out the feeling that I have really grown up. I act as if I am a full fledged adult and I spend my time with other twentysomethings who too act as grownups act but it still feels like we are stuck in limbo sometimes in that place between your life as it was and your life as it will be. We own homes and pay bills but it doesn't feel real. Don't get me wrong I am in no hurry to feel older, its hard enough to see the candles on my cake multiply, but I just wonder when will I feel like ahh.. I'm a big girl now.

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  1. LaBellaVida said...
    I felt all grown up when I moved into my apartment with my boyfriend and had to clean the, toilet for the first time. lol

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