Dec 9, 2008

Stuff That Matters to Me pt2

So a little ways back I started the first Stuff that Matters to Me post. Here is a snip it for those who missed it.
So for those of you that are following along at home you might wonder what are the Anyway I thought that I would share a few of them from time to time, since of course sharing is caring. Each time I will be be sharing the who or what the why and the where so if you're interested maybe it can matter to you too. Some topics may be heavier than others.
The Who:Darfur
The Why:This matters to me because genocide on any level anywhere should not be tolerated. someone once said "If you kill one innocent man it is as if you were kill all of humanity", That is something that has stuck with me and shaped the way that I see the world. To date, As many as 400,000 people have been killed; An estimated 2.5 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes and now live in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Sudan or in refugee camps in neighboring Chad; Over 3 million men,women, and children are reliant on international aid for survival.
and The Where:You (if you are interested) can learn more about Darfur at, or

Today the Who will be...
Who: A site called, Free Rice is a sister site of, the goal for Free Rice is to provide education to everyone for free. and to help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
The Why: This matters to be because I believe that there is no reason that someone should die because they lack food. A basic human need, and something that is abundantly available in most of our lives. However the statistics are staggering according to
923 million people across the world are hungry. Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes--one child every five seconds. And 820 million people in the developing world are undernourished.
The What: The what for this one is easy you can go to and all you have to do is play a game, its fun its free and you just might learn some thing. This is how it works Free Rice gives you a word, you click on the meaning of the word and for every one you get right their sponsors donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program. The game is fun and you get to learn lots of new words and best of all you are doing a little something to help those in need. There is no limit to how long you can play or a length of time that you have to play to get your answers to count. I have the site saved in my favorites and I play when ever I have a few extra minutes, like when I'm waiting for something to print or for a song to download. I know that 20 grains doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up fast and the more people play the bigger the numbers will be. here is a list of their donations so far this month,
December 1, 139,808,860, December 2, 157,220,920, December 3, 170,926,880,December 4, 177,606,640, December 5, 174,104,460, December 6, 70,678,180, December 7, 68,603,420,
December 8, 149,490,580.
Every little bit helps and every right answer matters, and who knows you might just learn a new word or two.


  1. Holly said...
    Thank you so much for posting this. I have a very soft heart for things like this...esp when children are involved. I am going to be looking at these links today. Thank you *hugs*
    Laura said...
    It's crazy to think about how many people suffer in this world when we have so much. It's always a good to be reminded of these things and how we can each make a difference in so many peoples lives.

    On a less serious note - I tagged you in a fun little game on my blog - check it out.
    bluesky said...
    Another great charity site is It donates money to children in need through World Vision.

    Check it out at

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