Jul 8, 2009

Well thanks for asking,

Since last I wrote a lot has happened, but I don't want to spend all my time talking about the past so I will give you the short list. Be sure that details will come as they are needed.
So with out further ado here they are...

The Top 10 things that happened while I was gone. (and as always in no particular order)

1. I found out that Quicksilver is pregnant
2. I made new friends
3. Lots of famous people died (although that's not really about me)
4. I acquired a new out look
5. I started dreaming about someone new
6. I let go of the Grinch (for good this time I think)
7. I finally got to quit my old job and start a new one
8. I lost some weight
9. I remembered the old me... the good and the bad
10. I freakin missed this place like crazy

Lots of Love

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