Jul 16, 2009

Quicksilver an Update

So for those of you still following along at home, I found out during my hiatus that Quicksilver is pregnant. I don't know how far a long or anything like that since it wasn't even her that I heard the news from. As always my first instinct was to call her and see how things were going hoping that she would tell me she was sorry for the way things had been but she had huge news and was excited to share it with me, but I decided against it. I think this time I will wait for her, if she wants she can call me, I am so over being the one that works at this.
I am a little sad though, I always thought that when we got to the part in our lives that we were ready (as ready as you can be) for such things, that it would be something that we shared with each other. Doing all the fun and exciting things that women do with each other when one of them is expecting. I guess that isn't going to be our reality.
Such is life.

Lots of Love

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  1. Venom said...
    One of life's biggest kicks in the crotch can be when someone you love doesn't love you back.

    In some ways, it is even worse when it happens to be a woman friend than a lover.

    Sometimes you just have to let go, painful as it is. Goodbye Quicksilver.

    Thank you for visiting Venom, Secrets, & Lies!

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