Jul 22, 2009


It is that time once again loves, time to introduce a new character, in the story that is my life.
He is fire (Boy Fire to be exact) and he is a flame to which I am undeniably drawn.
He isn't really my type, I barely find him physically attractive, but here I am still thinking about him days after our last encounter. I hear the words that he speaks to me over and over again in my head, and his scent is for ever blazed into my memory. I have been attracted to many but truly drawn to few, but it has always made sense before. There was always a reason, not the least of which was pure physical attraction, but not this time to be perfectly honest this isn't the guy that would normally inspire dirty thoughts, or even a second thought if I walked passed him on the street.
So why..., why him, why is it him that slips into my dreams at night?
I am utterly confused.
I can not explain it.
I have no idea why he has become my Boy Fire.
But what I do know is that Fire burns.

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  1. Venom said...
    I have a BoyFire too - err, though maybe ManFire is a better description @ our age.

    I'll never let go of him. To let go would be to let the 'me' that he sees & loves die. The 'secret me' that only he knows, the best of me that I see only through his eyes.

    Burn on ManFire, burn on.

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