Jan 13, 2009

Hey there loves,

its been a while much to long if you ask me, and well... I'm in charge here so I am. I feel super stressed as I'm sure many others are right now. I really feel like I'm walking a tight rope and the wind is starting to blow. But just as songs like "Stop the world and let me off" are going through my head, I come to Purge and find that I have been given an award.


So the super awesome super honest Needsleepy over at I Barely Survived Yesterday, has bestowed upon me, drum roll please dam da da dummm........

The Pink Lemonade Award!

It goes to your favorite bloggers and in turn they give it to there favs, so thanks Needsleepy!

I would be happy to pass this award on to the following to bloggers, and of course as always in no particular order.

1. Roxie

2. Emaura15

3. Good Girl Gone Blog

4. Michael

5. Ellabee

Lots of love to all.....


  1. emaura15 said...
    Thanks!!! Thats so nice of you! :)
    The Loss Adjuster said...
    Thank you so much! I'm a winner!
    Good Girl Gone Blog said...
    Coooool! Thank you, thank you! I'm flattered! I've been a bad blogger lately, but I must post a thank you soon. :-D

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